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Places of relaxation of Castagnère

The patio

Patio la Castagnère
Patio la Castagnère

The patio is the old barn of the Domaine (une Clouque)  whose roof unfortunately collapsed in August 2013.   It has been transformed into a patio where the pebble of the Gave joins the wood, the flowers. thecrackling  fire in the brazier joins the flow of water from the basin. The hammocks, deckchairs, sofas invite you to rest, to relax to enjoy a tea, a beer, a slate of chocolate for reading a book, a game of chess, card.

Patio la Castagnère
Patio brasero
Patio la Castagnère
Patio fauteuils
Patio tonneau
Patio tonneaux

The winter terrace 

Terrasse d'hiver
Terrasse d'hiver

The winter terrace faces south, protected from the westerly wind.

An outdoor lounge allows you to have an aperitif before dinner.

Terrasse d'été
Terrasse d'été

The summer terrace 

Terrasse d'été table
Terrasse d'été table

The summer terrace faces west,

ideal for watching the sunset during your Table d'Htake away.

Terrasse d'été
Terrasse d'été

The hammock corner

Hamac 1.JPG
Hamac 4.jpg

The Hammocks corner is in the shade of the plum trees, 

View of the orchard, the garden, the calm, the countryside, the Castagnère

Hamac 2.JPG
Hamac 3.jpg

the pond

etang 8.jpg
etang 4.JPG

The pond is located on  the stream at the property boundary, near the bivouac area

Place of greenery, flowers, water, ideal for a reading corner in the company of geese, ducks

the Calm, the Countryside, the Castagnère

etang 3.JPG
etang 2.JPG
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