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Animal Parks



The Parc'Ours association manages the animal area of Borce where it presents the wild fauna of our mountains and the domestic animals on the 7 hectares of the park, thus offering the public 2 hours of walk allowing them, while benefiting from the site, to learn in an educational way to become real players in the environment.


Asson Zoo

Au cœur des Pyrénées, entre Pau et Lourdes,  le zoo d 'Asson is the ideal outing en famille avec des enfants. Plus qu'un parc zoologique il est un lieu d'expériences à la rencontre des_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_animals wild.


Vulture Cliff

In the heart of the small village of Béon (municipality of Aste-Béon), in the Ossau Valley,   at the foot of the Ossau Nature Reserve, the Falaise aux Vautours invites you to discover the great Pyrenean birds of prey: griffon vultures, Egyptian vultures... Enter into their intimacy! 

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