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Navarrenx Fortified Bastide

First bastioned city in France, a century before Vauban 136bad5cf58d_classified as Historic Monuments and military constructions that testify to its rich historical past, bastions, half-moon, fortified gates and watchtowers.

Appearing among the " most beautiful villages in France ", it welcomes around 12,000 pilgrims every year because it is also a stopover on the Chemins de Saint-Jacques-de- Compostela.


Sauveterre of Bearn

Sauveterre is a " Sauveté Castrale". From its origins in the 11th century, the city was a place of refuge, it welcomed and protected the population by placing it under the direct safeguard of the viscount.

From its rich military past, many monuments were born both impressive by their defensive architecture but also treasures of small stories and legends.


Salies de Bearn

Since antiquity, Salies-de-Béarn, the city of sel,  owes its fame to this35bbb-954c99781 -136bad5cf58d_source d'eau salée unique born from a geological curiosity formed 200 million years ago

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